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We are LernRad

We are creating the digital education that we always dreamed of during our training.

Hanna Styczen & Bettina Baeßler, CEOs

Our mission

The idea for founding LernRad is based on our enthusiasm for good teaching and our vision of what good digital education should look like. During our training, we often asked ourselves why, after days of exhausting training, we could take away so little of the taught knowledge into our practical work.

Through our commitment as lecturers in student education, we realized that the shift from a lecturer-centered to a learner-centered approach with simultaneous activation of participants and practical application of the learned material over a longer period is crucial for learning success.

Who we are

Bettina Baeßler

Founder, CEO

Associate Professor
Hanna Styczen


From our active research and work environment in various professional societies and current workplaces at University Hospitals (Prof. Baeßler, University Hospital Würzburg and Associate Prof. Styczen, University Hospital Essen) and a radiological practice (Prof. Baeßler), we cover a wide range of professional expertise.

In addition to the two managing partners, our lecturers also design radiological teaching content at LernRad, allowing us to develop and provide continuous and high-quality products as experts in our field.

Unsere Mission​

What we do

LernRad offers didactically excellent, digital radiological teaching content within an active learning concept.

Instead of frontal teaching on-site with additional costs for accommodation and food, our participants not only have the opportunity to independently work on teaching videos and cases with image material from the comfort of their home, whenever and wherever it suits them best but also to receive direct feedback on their findings from experts.

In addition to our radiological teaching content, we offer on request the creation and development of didactic concepts for different companies.

Professor Bettina Baeßler

Schwetzingen, Germany

Professor Dr. med. Bettina Baeßler

Prof. Bettina Baeßler studied medicine at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn and completed her subspecialty training in radiology at the University Hospital Cologne. After a senior physician position at the University Medical Center Mannheim, she moved to the University Hospital Zurich in 2019, where she worked until October 2021 as a senior physician and research group leader.

Since October 2021, she has been a W2 Professor for Clinical Radiology (focus on cardiovascular imaging) at the University Hospital Würzburg and head of the Cardiovascular Imaging section until October 2023. In addition to her intensive and multiple award-winning research activities (most recently with the prestigious Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Prize of the German Radiological Society 2020), Bettina Baeßler has been involved in student education at the Medical Faculty of Cologne at an early stage and, as a teaching coordinator for the subject of radiology, developed and implemented an innovative new curriculum

Part of this curriculum, among other innovative e-learning formats, was a YouTube channel with freely accessible German-language teaching videos on the technical content of radiological modalities, which has since enjoyed great popularity. Her commitment to student education led to a nomination for the Ars Legendi Faculty Prize Medicine 2019 by the student body and the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne. 

Her voluntary commitment to the development of the “CoRad-19” format of the German Radiological Society for the design of digital education during the Corona pandemic 2019 earned Prof. Baeßler, together with other colleagues, the Wachsmann Innovation Prize of the German Radiological Society in 2020. 

Prof. Baeßler is a project group spokesperson in the further development of the National Competence-Based Catalog of Learning Objectives in Human Medicine (NKLM) and has also significantly represented the interests of the field of radiology there. As co-speaker of the sub-working group “Implementation NKLM,” she is co-responsible for the implementation of the NKLM at German faculties in the coming years.

Furthermore, she is an internationally recognized expert in cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging, certified by the German Radiological Society with a Q3 certification, and has been a lecturer in various certification courses for cardiac MRI for many years. Not least because of her clinical focus on cardiac MRI, she has a broad network of experts and access to a large number of clinical cases.

Associate Professor
Hanna Styczen

ESSEN, Germany

Privatdozentin Dr. med. Hanna Styczen

Associate Prof. Hanna Styczen studied medicine in Göttingen and initially began her specialist training at a general hospital before moving to the Department of Neuroradiology at the University Hospital Göttingen in 2017.

Early in her training, she started training in angiography and interventional neuroradiology. During this time, she took on the coordination of teaching and began researching for her habilitation on endovascular stroke therapy.

She completed the final part of her specialist training at the University Hospital Essen. She received a research grant from the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) for a stay in Boston at the Center for Neurological Imaging (Harvard Medical School, USA).

During her stay in Boston in early 2020, she specialized in MRI-based evaluation of perivascular spaces in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases.

Since April 2021, she has been a specialist in radiology and since May 2021, an associate Professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Since August 2023, she has held a subspecialty designation in neuroradiology.

She works as a senior physician in diagnostic and interventional radiology and neuroradiology at the University Hospital Essen.

Associate Prof. Styczen joined LernRad in 2023 as a partner and brings her expertise in diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology, as well as knowledge in technology and radiation protection.