Cases: Emergency Neuroradiology (Cases 1-5)

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Do you want to be well prepared for neuroradiologic cases in CT? Are you not getting sufficient feedback on your CT findings from your senior physician and would like more feedback? Are you a radiology resident and would like to systematically train the reporting of neuroradiologic emergency CT exams? You are not a radiologist, but work on a neurology/neurosurgery ward and would like to be able to assess neuroradiologic emergencies yourself? Or are you still a medical student and would like to continue training on real cases from everyday clinical practice?

That’s exactly why we developed our LernRad Cases! 

The LernRad Cases are an interactive training camp directly from clinical practice for:

  • Radiology residents
  • Board-certified radiologists
  • Residents and board-certified specialists outside of radiology working in the emergency room or on neurological/neurosurgical wards
  • Medical students

Learning objectives

  • Practical implementation of guided-reporting and systematic diagnosis of CT examinations: CT of the neurocranium, CT angiography of supra-aortic vessels and CT perfusion
  • To gain confidence in the diagnosis of neuroradiologic emergencies, including all forms of intracranial hemorrhage, ischemia/infarction, neurotrauma and hydrocephalus
  • To provide the appropriate information required for the management of neuroradiologic emergencies, including management of non-traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage and indications for mechanical thrombectomy/endovascular therapy
  • Writing own impressions with expert solution for each case

Each of the 5 cases comes directly from clinical routine. In our integrated Dicom viewer, you can look at each case by yourself, based on the tried-and-tested LernRad didactics, and form an opinion. You will be able to independently assess each case using a guided, structured diagnostic template and work through the case on your own. In this way, you will learn the systematic findings of a CT examination in a very practical way. You write the impression as free text and then receive an expert-generated solution for each case for comparison. We have annotated each case elaborately and added interactive elements so that you can understand exactly how the assessment is made. As a special bonus, we have developed special “cheat sheets” as reference material for you, which you can download and print for your daily work at the reporting station or digitally archive.

You can take a look at case 3 in our free preview lessons if you’re not sure if the concept is right for you.

The focus of this case collection is on the guided-reporting / systematic diagnosis of neuroradiologic emergencies. If you would like to assess the cases directly and acquire background knowledge on the respective pathologies, then take a look at the Cases Special: Emergency Neuroradiology. The Dicom images used in Cases Special and Cases are the same.

Working through the entire case package takes about 1 hour, depending on prior knowledge.

Important: You should have access to a desktop PC or laptop with a proper mouse for optimal functionality of the Dicom viewer and the interactive course content.

For the duration of your subscription (which will be automatically renewed each month if not canceled), you have full access to the Cases. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Sharing your access data with third parties is, of course, not permitted (see also our general terms and conditions).


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